E.DESIGN is exactly what it sounds like, a design service offered online. With this online service we can offer a simple, budget friendly alternative to the typical full-service design. All communication is via e-mail and offers a step-by-step plan for creating a professionally designed space that perfectly matches your space and budget. It is a ....


    With our biophilic design methodology we like to contribute to a more sustainable world. Reconnect humans with nature again. We make a beautiful design that fits your brief and intertwine it with the biophilic principles. Research results suggest that physically and psychologically reconnecting with nature can be beneficial for human health and wellbeing, and at the same time encourages individuals to act in ways which protect the health of the planet and its biodiversity.


    What is ideal for clients who live both near and far and want the experience of a qualified design studio for an affordable price? E.Design. With this service we want to service humanity at every social class. This is a service for a more tailored design, more focused on single spaces. Giving you the controle over shopping for your space at your own pace. And what's even better? The entire process is done online, with concepts, moodboards, shopping list, design straight into your inbox.


    With LEAF+LAB consultancy we research + generate “green” concepts on different design scale as an engine for encouraging sustainable behaviour. When designing for sustainable behaviour it is fundamental to gain a thorough understanding, of user habits and interaction behaviours, as well as how these contribute to people’s everyday activities. It is not enough to understand what people do and think, one must also understand what people know, feel, and dream about.

What is Studio NousNous ?

Studio NousNous is Hakim’s design studio that concentrates on design connected with and inspired from nature (Biophilic design). Studio NousNous is mainly active in:

1. Green objects

2. Sustainable interiors

3. Tiny Houses

4. Gardens & Parcs

5. Public Spaces

6. Placemaking

7. Nature Prints & Patterns

The Biophilia Hypothesis ?

The biophilia hypothesis proposes that most humans have an innate love of nature. We long for it and without connecting with it, our health could suffer. This is the main source for Biophilic design.

What about Biomimicry ?

Biomimicry is the “mimicry,” or more accurately, the emulation of life’s engineering. In contrast, biophilia describes humans’ connection with nature and biophilic design is replicating experiences of nature in design to reinforce that connection. Biomimicry is an innovation method to achieve better performance; biophilic design is an evidence-based design method to improve health and wellbeing. Biomimicry is more heavily used in technology and product development circles; biophilia applies more directly to interior design, architecture, and urban design. Biophilic design is an applied solution to appease this desire for nature by integrating natural elements and processes into the built environment.

Creating a Biophilic space ?

By using Biophilic design principles. Not every space can be designed to incorporate all the principles, but try to apply as many as you can. The 14 patterns are grouped into three categories:

A.) Nature in the space

1. Visual Connection with Nature

2. Non-Visual Connection with Nature

3. Non-Rhythmic Sensory Stimuli

4. Access to Thermal & Airflow Variability

5. Presence of Water

6. Dynamic & Diffuse Light

7. Connection with Natural Systems

B.) Natural Analogues

8. Biomorphic Forms & Patterns

9. Material Connection with Nature

10. Complexity & Order

C.) Nature of the space

11. Prospect

12. Refuge

13. Mystery

14. Risk/Peril

The benefits of E.Design ?

E. Design is a service that Studio NousNous offers, mainly for small residential spaces inside and outside the Netherlands. We believe that clients that just want to tackle that particular room for years, also have to be able to receive a healthy "green" space in an affordable price.

1. No time restrictions. The space can come together at your chosen pace. Whether you want to run the room (s) at night or in 2 years from start to finish. You set the pace. Once the plan we designed is complete, it is in your hands. You decide whether to continue with our exact suggestions or use them as inspiration to find something else. You are in control.

2. It's relaxing + comfortable + non-intimidating. As soon as we correspond via email, you send the photos + dimensions of the room (s) you want to work on, completely at your leisure. No worries that every space is super clean or 'perfect'. There is no need to make an appointment. You don't have to be home at any given time.

3. It's affordable. Working with an interior designer is often considered very expensive and only for those with huge budgets, but that's not always true. When you work with us, you get the expertise of a well-trained, professional interior designer in a very affordable way. Partly because the entire process takes place online and via e-mail.

4. You do some of the work. You complete a detailed design questionnaire that provides all the necessary information to create the design idea. You also send photos and measurements of your chosen room. This reduces a significant amount of work that a conventional interior designer would normally do and charge for. We collect the information and research to create a unique room or rooms and you just have to run it and wait for the deliveries!

5. It's an 'idea'. You only pay for an idea. The idea of ​​the room (s) provides a "look" and the products are our suggestions. Some customers use some elements of the design; others buy all the recommended products, while others just want some inspiration. That freedom is yours!