Project: The Green Urbanity

Status: Concept Development


Is it possible to have a building, an architecture. That has a horizontal housing typology and is about being a green urban abode?

We've proposed an architectural concept that brings different programs in one buidling; education, retail, hospitality and offices. Creating a mixed use spatial program in green spatial design. The building resembles a classic guesthouse typology architecture. Creating a sense of recognition. The building resembles a shape many people, young and old can associatie with.

We have approached the design from the perspective; what is a door? And can a door have multiple functions. In this design Hakim explored the combation of draping a transparant structure over the building. That makes a blend with the surrounding landscape context. At the same time it is supported by a construction making it possible to walk upon. Guiding you the top where at the heart of the building you will find a spiral staircase.

Descending the spiral staircase you are surrounded by the sound of water and green vertical vegatation. Each turn you make you will see different kind of interior activities, making you absorb the full spectrum of the interior program. The spiral has also a mechanism where it takes up the sky rain and redirects it to be used for the surrounding gardens, as well as the toilet water.