Project: Mastoor

Status: Realised

For the sustainable fashion label Mastoor. We've designed The Mastoor Experience. A one-day VIP event that is fully about the brand and the new collection. We were asked to take in consideration the brand's identity, USP's and overal mission. And that is slow fashion and a sustainable modest approach to clothing.

The design is fully biophilic. We took use of the beautiful white space of Amsterdam's Studio 13. The heart of the design is an elegant 5 meter oval table. The idea for this table came up by taking 4 rose arches and flipping them on the side, mirror them and stack 2 on 2. We then designed the uppertable in parts. So the whole table is modular and can switchin size and is easy transportable. We have introduced, curated and arranged the greenery and all small and big elements.