Project: Park Eco Mill

Status: In process


We did a proposition for the Floriade EXPO 2022 in Almere to re-use these superuse windmill blades of the old bus stop project. And transform it into our eco-urban-seat design. We’ve made the design of this whole new park. All with these seats and we re-used other small round windmill elements as well.

We took in consideration enhancing the biodiversity, by implementing animal-friendly-features in the eco-urban-seat design as well. Making it accessible for birds to fly into, creating shaded places and we are working on a system that gradually lets water flow in, in between the two glass panels of the eco-urban-seater. To make beautiful plants and flowers grow.

While we'd love people get to know each other on this huge urban couch. This park is a part of the bigger plan of enhancing more green touchpoints in the city, to morph into a biophilic city.