Project: ReWild Almere City

Status: In progress


In Almere in the Netherlands we did a rewilding in downtown Almere center, to enhance the biodiversity in the public space. And furthermore to play part with design in stimulating health and wellbeing for all users of this space. The city Almere has the ambition to be the greenest city of the Netherlands. Almere is build upon the concept of urban planner and founder of the garden city movement; Sir Ebenezer Howard.

So as Almere is already fundamentally based on this urban concept movement. We took upon this the project to work further on analyzing and designing this city part, transforming it into a green oasis. We worked from biophilic design principles on different parts and scales. We did a transition to a new 3d façade that is about multiple biobased biomorphic forms that carry greenery, makes places for bird nests and is an interplay with shades of light. Creating shadow and light effects throughout the day and night with artificial light.

Furthermore, we added an organic bench that is intertwined with vegetation. Creating a kind of boundary and facilitating the routing of this certain place, guiding you to the landscape design we have added. The landscape is for its users to have a break out moment. To have a sense of calmness and rest in a park, while you are just around the corner of the busy shopping street. Designing it with different heights and vegetations adds a more connection to a real forest.

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