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Owner: (Kashmere) Hakim El Amrani

Profession: Biophilic Spatial Designer


At Studio NousNous we consider ourselves stewards of the Earth. We believe that every human being has a gift given from God. Use that gift to connect with the Creator and be a "caretaker of planet Earth". Our gift at Studio NousNous, is being blessed with a high dose of creativity and a strong spatial awareness. We use our gift to design Nature inspired; architecture, public spaces, parcs & gardens, tiny houses, interiors, furniture & objects.


We do our work with humility, piety and by respecting man and nature. How do we achieve this? By using and learning from what the Creator has given us. Nature! With its beautiful healing powers, processes and techniques. We get inspired and remind and reconnect people with nature; inside and outside the built area. We stay firm and strong for a healthy ecology and biodiversity. Every small change is still a change.


Born in Amsterdam, the city of tulips and bicycles and home to many a masterpiece, (Kashmere) Hakim El Amrani was stirred to invent from an early age. His mother was a Moroccan immigrant who lived in the city of colour Marrakech, and through her persistent encouragement to sketch, paint, and dream, Kashmere Hakim eventually became the contemporary artist he is today.


Hakim’s mother used to work as a canteen lady of the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten (Royal Academy of Visual Arts) in Amsterdam, and young Hakim would accompany her in between all the school breaks and holidays. To keep him busy, the fine art artists in the Academy would give him some paint, pencils, cutting materials, or clay to work. It was here that his mind took on a new perspective, to form shapes, colors, and materials into a new way of thinking.


Later in life, he studied and graduated from the Willem de Kooning art academy in design city Rotterdam. He took inspiration from nature, large open spaces, small intriguing objects, and architecture. He began to marry these ideas together, creating nature-inspired objects, art and designs for interior and exterior (urban) spaces. His work became strongly recognizable and therefore broadly known for its strong identity.


He dedicated himself to design, to producing work in some shape or form. It was his sanctuary, his self-therapy, and his passion. Nature inspired forms that take him weeks, months of study and sketching. To eventually get to that final magical moment, where he finds balance and the essence of the shape before he dips it in his vibrant colors derived from nature. Whether it was furniture or abstract limited art, or extensive interior and exterior work, Kashmere Hakim used his artistic design thinking to get through the mundane world and create life and meaning in its place. The life he would observe in nature was a beauty, unlike any other. Time and time again, he would always come back to the essence of life.


Nature-inspired design became his sole focus, and for years, it has been the main force behind his work. In a time of gray urbanization, Hakim wants to balance proportion, form, and color that highlights the imperfections, abstractions, and reflections of the hidden gems in nature. By utilizing both contemporary and traditional techniques, he approaches his work with the right tools and medium to draw out the right tones, mood, and expressions.


Nature finds its place everywhere and captivates those that stop to truly see it. Whether that’s biking through the beautiful streets of Amsterdam city to the green Vondelpark, or strolling through the Secret gardens in the pink Medina or the blue Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle Gardens in the city of color Marrakech, nature waits to be discovered.



“All forms, shapes, and spaces, inspired by and reflecting nature, have the power to heal our souls. The key to everything is in mystical nature.”