Photographed by David Meulenbeld





Studio NousNous is reconnecting us back with various elements of our natural habitat. Implementing nature inspired spatial design at all scales. A Netherlands-based Research & Design Studio founded by Hakim El Amrani. Challenging all the boundaries between space & nature is our daily mission.


Our projects crossover interior-, architecture-, landscape design and art, to create unique spaces that greatly benefit people’s health and wellbeing. Our biophilic methodology is human centered rooted in Biophilia and science. Each space, be it inside, outside, or in between. We treat with care to breath its own identity and to resonate with its users.


We consider ourselves caretakers of the Earth with a firm belief that every human is gifted by God, to be a positive changemaker in the world by being part of the environmental stewardship. We are sketching the grey built environment into a more blue and green. By weaving together the interiors, exteriors and all the spaces in between.





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