Project: Private Residence Linoa

Status: Realised

The design brief was firstly about routing and circulation, to fix that problem. While in analyzing the space we found out the space is very dark the whole day. Imagining patients visiting this space, we wanted to make a design that will add to the healing process of the patients. A place where when seated waiting for their appointment, they would have a low heartbeat and less stress.

We suggested the designed for a new space, with round soft furniture, greenery, custom cabinets and a custom reception desk with a backdrop of an opaque glass frame. Eco-MDF, a new floor with a fractal pattern, more light, draped soft curtains. A lit ceiling and a vertical plant wall.

We chose for an oval waiting bench as a centerpiece in the space. This way it is contributing to the routing, elegantly greeting the patients, guiding them to the reception and with a turn around the bench leaving the space again. We researched and designed from the biophilic design methodology too enhance the atmosphere, positivity and create a healthy environment for the patients.

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