Project: Natulier Guéliz

Status: In Progress

"This is a project based in Amsterdam. Transforming the current neo-classical architecture building -The Haarlemmerpoort- into a new spatial and city contextual concept. By parasite adding a glass dome on top of the building and adding a new program: Fine-dining and an Art Centre. We transformed this place into a statement area, with a green biophilic design approach. Giving a 360 degree view over the beautiful park area from the dome and connecting the two sides of the area with eachother.

The building is situated between the famous green Westerpark and the ax of the retail street Haarlemmerstraat. We designed it and named the concept: - Embracing Differences" Why? Because our addition is a modern approach on a classical architecture. Next to that the area is about different nationallities and the program combines art with food and the overall connecting element of all species is nature. So on all levels the concept interweaves in its DNA.

To wrap it all up in the experience and infrastructure, analysis showed there has to be a bridge. We designed an organic nature esthetical bridge from the Westerpark transforming into a symbol that 'hugs' the old and the new building. Finishing the concept by poetically 'Embracing the Differences.'