Project: Y-Penthouse

Status: In progress


The artist is invited to stay in the Artist in Residency 'Y-Penthouse' in a beautiful hotspot in downtown Amsterdam. The living space is also the exhibition space and the artist's room to move around and be inspired. As a studio rooted in the theory of biophilia we believe in an  universal design language. A language all people understand. And that is nature. The green, the colours, the texture. It is not for nothing that green is the middle color in the color spectrum. And it is also because of claiming that middle spot in the color spectrum. That it stands for ‘balance and harmony’.

And so we have realized a spatial concept in this design that takes you into a small piece of of relaxing 'forest' in an abstract design way. The earthy colours, the stony floor pattern, the birch tree as a column in the living room and the greenery inside and outside on the roof terrace, contrasts with the open skies and create a moment of 'zen'. A place where you want to be and where you want to create.