Why ? : To maintain our quality of life as human beings, we have to embrace Earth’s ecosystems.

How ? : By encouraging sustainable behavior through design.


LEAF+LAB is a design research lab founded in 2020 by biophilic designer (Kashmere) Hakim El Amrani and which falls under Studio NousNous. The mission is to stimulate and encourage sustainable behaviour among the population with the focus on the transition to a circular bio-based economy.


LEAF is the research part. Where the core team consists of a biophilic designer, data scientist and environmental psychologist. Under the overarching theme "Encouraging sustainable behaviour", studies (online and fieldwork) are set up, analyzed and ultimately concluded. Because of our large and extensive network, the right team is set up per research and hypothesis. Where external team members include biologists, neuropsychologists, anthropologists, theologians and others.


LAB experimentally translates the translation into practice through "design thinking". This by using spatial designs on a different scale and especially by using urban interventions and placemaking. In this way, people, ultimately communities, are made to think and triggered to act more sustainably. Starting within a small circle; partners, family, neighbors, streets to other forms of community. Where the goal is to make people ambassadors for encouraging sustainable behavior, so we all lift it up in a natural way to a bigger scale.


RESULTS are evaluated and can ultimately lead to reports, opinions, guidelines, projects, government measures, recommendations or otherwise policy interventions that contribute to a better climate, health, mutual understanding and interaction with nature. With the ultimate goal of mastering sustainable behavior. And of course taking into account the focus on respecting the bio-diversity as a big pillar as well.