Why ? : Budget friendly. Fast. No home-visits. Freedom to implement the design whenever you want. Saves you time looking for the right pieces in an overwhelming retail and online space. Simple, all communication is online (e-mail.)

How ? : You mail us the design brief for your space. We mail you specific questions about what you like and do not like + a tutorial on how to measure and photograph the space. We get creative. You'll receive a full digital presentation.


E.DESIGN is exactly what it sounds like, a design service offered online. With this online service we can offer a simple, budget friendly alternative to the typical full-service design. All communication is via e-mail and offers a step-by-step plan for creating a professionally designed space that perfectly matches your space and budget.


CONVENIENCE. Shorter lead times for you and budget friendly. E.Design is a true collaboration between the designer and the client, working on both sides, significantly shortening the typical design timeline. Perfect for clients who want design direction and design expertise but don't mind doing a little “homework” to prepare, manage and ultimately execute the project themselves. If you want to keep control over design execution time, this is definitely the design service for you.


SIMPLE. We collect information from you to learn what you have in mind for your space and then we create a beautiful custom design plan for you that acts as a do-it-yourself guide. With e.Design you can adapt the design of your spaces one by one, at your own pace and within your budget! All you need is access to a computer and of course an internet-connection to take advantage of our e.Design design service.

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