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Studio NousNous

“Interwoven in Nature”

Studio NousNous is an Almere-based nature-inspired interior design and styling studio founded in 2019 by (Kashmere) Hakim El Amrani. Graduated in interior architecture and spatial design with a strong passion for healing environments, a people-oriented approach and nature. This all comes together as biophilic design (reconnecting with the natural world) in our practice.

// Studio NousNous - Interwoven in Nature //

  • Biophilic Interiors & Art (Nature inspired interior design from shop to office, apartment to villa. Park to campus. Abstract healing nature art with a strong unique identity and more ...)
  • E. Design (For the smaller residential spaces at home and abroad. Easy, fast remotely and by mail. Various design packages available. We also want to offer a healthy space at room level for everyone.)
  • Green Concept Development (Generating concepts, designs of green furniture and products, participating in a green team, shaping a loose idea, partnership with other disciplines and designers, etc.

Studio NousNous has an artistic eye for healthy spaces, where the balance between body and mind is central. We are very fond of “evidence-based” designs. Many scientific studies have shown that nature-inspired design (biophilic design) contributes to the health and well-being of the user in the built environment. Some of these studies showed that biophilic design helped sick people get better faster and encouraged office workers to take fewer sick days. In the field of home, biophilic design inspires, stimulates creativity and gives peace of mind. This is purely unconscious and has to do with how we are in contact with nature.

Studio NousNous is committed to the long-term interests of the earth and its inhabitants. We are concerned with spaces that directly or indirectly reflect nature. Through color, furniture, shape, material, pattern or art. We are convinced that your home, office, staff room or classroom, etc. should provide stylish accommodation and better health. Our interiors are aimed at increasing quality of life and peace of mind. Whether you're a single mom just getting by or the CEO of Google. Studio NousNous believes in a healthy space for everyone.

NousNous? In French, NousNous stands for "we" as in -we together- and in Marrakech, for example, NousNous is the translation for half-half. But it therefore also has a deeper meaning. It is a way of saying: "We together, with both people and nature" and is a beautiful warm symbol for what we are trying to create together with you and nature. We want to bring your dreams to life through our studio. Knowing what inspires you is half the job and the other half is our job, bringing it to life professionally.

At NousNous, the entire creative process with regard to the packages in combination with the smaller residential spaces, is unique online and all communication takes place easily via e-mail. This saves you a lot of money and you have time for other fun things such as shopping, friends, sports or watching your favorite documentaries. Your house a home again? Put down a nice cup of coffee and order a package. Or ready for a new office environment? Please contact us.

From the founder: "When I started my career in interior design, I was determined to find a way to connect my passion for interior design for health and wellness through nature with my passion for volunteering. Then I thought to myself, why do I combine the two not into one socially conscious company, because the more successful I am, the greater the difference I can make? That's when Studio NousNous' concept for giving back to the world was born.

“Our mission is a healthy space for everyone. If you now a single mother who has just gotten around with a child with a dust allergy, or the CEO of Google who wants the very best for his employees . Studio NousNous believes in a healthy space for everyone. We offer in addition to the regular service. Also a online nature inspired interior design service. A service that is more affordable, approachable, collaborative and fun. Heart-focused design.

And ultimately through the growth of our studio, we do our best to connect with our community in need. At Studio NousNous, therefore, with every order of a package, 10% will go to the poor, the needy or children in orphanages all over the world. There is also donation for planting trees. ”

Studio NousNous // Kashmere Hakim