Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a design process take?

The duration of the design project depends on your e.Design package and the number of rooms you design! On average you will receive your design per room within 2-3 weeks.

Do I have to be home for an appointment?

You don't have to be at home for an appointment with e.Design. That is one of the great advantages of e.Design. All communication takes place online via e-mail. This saves you a lot of time and you save a lot of costs.

What is a concept board?

A concept board is a personalized preview of the designer's work submitted during the first phase of a design project. Think of it as a first impression of your space, based on the photos of your existing space and design questionnaire. It includes items such as inspirational images, color palette, art, accessories. It indicates the direction, the concept. Remember that the concept board is not your final design. It is intended as a starting point for you and the designer.

I want to purchase two or more packages, how does that work?

For example, if you want color advice and a floor plan advice for the same room, then these are two separate packages. These must be purchased separately, in this way you will receive a design questionnaire by e.Design package. In this way we keep an overview of which requirements belong to which design part.

How do I start a project for multiple rooms?

If you have multiple rooms that you want to design, start a new project for each room. This means that you purchase an e.Design package per room. This ensures that you receive an e-mail with the design questionnaire per package (room), so that together we keep an overview of which requirements belong to which room.

What is a design board?

A design board is presented after feedback has been received on the first concept board. The design board will contain specific pieces based on your budget and floor plan. The design board contains the current recommended producers and furniture and is shown in mood board and partly in perspective, so that you get a better idea of how the whole works together.

What is a style board?

Think of it as the ultimate personal shopping list that we recommend. It includes the specific pieces with price and handy link (in one-click on image) to where to order them.

How do I make a floor plan and how do I photograph the room?

Wondering how to measure a room, and all the other steps to take a good floor plan and photo of the room? Follow the tutorial .

What is the difference between the e.Design design packages?

The "basic" package includes advice or visualization of color in a room. The "classic" floor plan package is more for devising a new layout for the room with the existing or new furniture. Which is the basis of good design. The "mood" package brings the room together through art and / or decorative accessories for atmosphere. And the "comfort" package is for tackling the whole room, starting from an empty room or re-transforming the room.

What is the "inform" (nature & interior) package?

This is a parcel service intended for individuals or companies or something else. Who want to have a presentation about what "Biophilic Design" is. Nature-inspired interiors. This is a powerpoint presentation that is physically given at an agreed location.

What is the "customized" package?

This is not really a package that you can purchase online via the "buy now" button online, but we first have mail contact for this. Since this design service is more focused on retail, pop-up stores, offices, staff areas, classrooms, etc etc. These are different spaces, with different kind of square meters and design approach. For this, tailor-made agreements will have to be made, such as hiring at an hourly rate.

What distinguishes NousNous from other interior design services?

NousNous offers an interior design service that is completely online in terms of residential spaces, which means you can design your space from the comfort of your home by email. With our service you pay an amount per room per e.Design package to receive design services. In addition, Kashmere Hakim has an artistic eye in his basis and from his studies at the art academy and experiences, and his specialization is biophic design (nature-inspired design). A different view from most traditional interior designers. Which provides peace and healing.

I have an open floor plan. How do you define a “room” within an open concept space?

If you have an open floor plan, the price will be determined by each area you want to design. For example, if you have an open plan living / dining area and you want your living and dining area to be designed and furnished, these are two rooms and require two separate e.Design design packages.

I have several rooms that I want to tackle, how do I order packages for this?

If you have several rooms, we advise you to purchase a package per room. In this way you will receive an email with the design questionnaire per room (package) and in this way we can see what the requirements are per room. This way you keep the design clear per room.