Tutorial: How do I measure the room?

Not sure how to properly measure the space? Don't worry, we can help you create a basic floor plan. We do it in steps so that we help you do it right. Before we begin this process, there are a few things you will need.

What you need to measure the space (s):

A4 white paper / Tape measure / Black pen / Ruler or any ruler-like object to help you draw straight.

* If your space is too big, you will need a second person to assist you.

Wait! What about all those cool apps that can take measurements for you? Unfortunately, we have tested all popular measurement apps and found them to be inaccurate. While programmers work to advance measurement with new app technology, we'll stick with the old-fashioned tape measure for now.

Step 1: Drawing up the floor plan

When you draw the map, state all doorways, windows and openings without door (s). We will discuss this regarding measurement later in this tutorial. You can see below what a basic floor plan drawing should look like.

Step 2: General measurements

It's important to take the overall measurement, outside dimensions, of the room first as this will help ensure that you measure everything else correctly. Below is an example of what general measurements look like. You can write everything down in millimeters (as in the example) or centimeters. Note that walls have depth, so while my measurements are marked on the outside of the room, I measured the dimensions of the inside of the room.

Step 3: Measure the details

Measure the doorways, windows, and openings without door (s). Keep in mind that you're not including door or window frames - just measure from where the actual window (glass) and door starts and ends. You can check out the examples below. Double check that these measurements are correct by adding up all the detailed measurements on each wall to make sure the number is equal to the overall measurement. If it is incorrect, it means that you have probably measured something wrong. This double check will help ensure that all of your measurements are accurate.

When you're done with the floor plan drawing, including measurements - use your smartphone or tablet to take a photo of it so you can send it to us to get started on your project. If you have some other details of your space like stairs, curved walls, alcoves, etc, we will work with you to get the correct measurements as these are a bit tricky.

Tutorial: How do I photograph the room?

Not sure how to properly photograph space? Don't worry, we can help you take the right photos. We do it in steps so that we help you do it right.

Step 1: Take photos during the day.

Step 2: The room does not need to be tidy (just make sure that the walls of the room are clearly visible in the photos).

Step 3: Try to capture part of the floor and ceiling in each photo.

Step 4: Take a photo from every corner (every corner and wall) of the room (see image below).

Step 5: Take a separate picture of the furniture you want to keep in the room.