Do you live far or near now? No problem. We can work together! Regardless of where you live in the Netherlands.

e.Design is exactly what it sounds like, an interior design service offered online. With this online service we can offer a simple, affordable alternative to the typical full-service more expensive interior design. All communication is via email and offers a step-by-step plan for creating a professionally designed room that perfectly matches your space and budget.

At its core, it's all about convenience , affordable design prices and shorter lead times for you, the customer. e.Design is a true collaboration between designer and client, working on both sides, significantly shortening the typical design timeline. Perfect for clients who want design direction and design expertise but don't mind doing a little “homework” to prepare, manage and ultimately execute the project themselves. If you want to keep control over design execution time, this is definitely the design service for you.

The process is very simple . We collect information from you to learn what you have in mind for your room (s) and then we create a beautiful custom design plan for you that acts as a do-it-yourself guide to entering the room (s) yourself. to target. With e.Design you can adapt the design of your home one by one, at your own pace and within your budget! All you need is access to a computer to take advantage of our e.Design design service.

There are 3 options (A, B or C):

A) Based on the package selected on the main page ( Basic, Classic, Mood or Comfort ) you will receive a digital presentation in 2-3 weeks with a design board, style board (shopping list) and floor plan. This interior design / styling service is excellent for customers throughout the Netherlands who are looking for convenience and a more affordable alternative to an idea / advice / concept / design of a somewhat smaller residential space! Here, all mutual communication is easy, structured over the mail.

B) For PowerPoint presentations about nature and interior (biophilic design) choose the package Inform . Here the presentation takes place physically at the agreed location.

C) Are you looking for a different kind of design? A design that is not linked to the packages we offer?

Are you thinking more than just a room, but more of an entire apartment, single-family home, villa, retail (shop, pop-up), office, classroom or staff room, or something else? These other types of (larger, or complex) spaces also have a different approach.

Then choose the package Customized ” (as this is more tailor-made) and click on the email link to make an initial appointment, by phone or email (info@studionousnous.nl) to discuss it with each other. Here all mutual communication is easy, by telephone and email in the first instance, then we determine together what the next steps are.

Why e.Design for residential spaces? And why is it so affordable?

1. No time restrictions. The space can come together at your chosen pace. Whether you want to run the room (s) at night or in 2 years from start to finish. You set the pace. Once the plan we designed is complete, it is in your hands. You decide whether to continue with our exact suggestions or use them as inspiration to find something else. You are in control.

2. It's relaxing + comfortable + non-intimidating. As soon as we correspond via email, you send the photos + dimensions of the room (s) you want to work on, completely at your leisure. No worries that every space is super clean or 'perfect'. There is no need to make an appointment. You don't have to be home at any given time.

3. It's affordable. Working with an interior designer is often considered very expensive and only for those with huge budgets, but that's not always true. When you work with us, you get the expertise of a well-trained, professional interior designer in a very affordable way. Partly because the entire process takes place online and via e-mail.

4. You do some of the work. You complete a detailed design questionnaire that provides all the necessary information to create the design idea. You also send photos and measurements of your chosen room. This reduces a significant amount of work that a conventional interior designer would normally do and charge for. We collect the information and research to create a unique room or rooms and you just have to run it and wait for the deliveries!

5. It's an 'idea'. You only pay for an idea. The idea of ​​the room (s) provides a "look" and the products are our suggestions. Some customers use some elements of the design; others buy all the recommended products, while others just want some inspiration. That freedom is yours!